Stainless Steel Ghodiyu FREE CLOTH HAMMOCK (Yellow) & FREE CARRY BAG

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Ghodiyu is the best hammock for babies. Buy best indian style baby hammock ghodiyu from

What is Ghodiyu

A “Ghodiyu” is an Gujarati word. People in India are using this device for thousands of years so that their baby can fall asleep nicely and get the rest they need while developing proper sleeping habits. Ghodiyu helps baby’s digestion also.

The ghodiyu has put many happy and healthy babies to sleep, while allowing their parents to rest for their tired bodies.  It is essentially a hammock that envelops the child, simulating a womb-like experience, thereby quieting and calming the child.  With minimal strain on your body, the baby can then be rocked to sleep by pulling on the string attached to the hammock at whatever speed you like.


Dimensions of Ghodiyu:

Assembled and Ready to use:  Length 46 inch,Height 33 inch,Width 37 inch.
Packed in a blue bag (Not Assembled): Length 24 inch,Height 5 inch,Width 10 inch. You can easily put this bag (will be provided free with purchase) in your car to carry the Ghodiyu.

 Weight of Ghodiyu:

 17.6 pounds

Benefits of Ghodiyu:

* Better Digestion*
* Proper Back Rest*
* Fast Sleep Initiation*
* Prevent SIDS*
* Avoid Colicks and Reflux*
* Helps Premature babies*
* Avoid Flat Head Syndrome*


We give one soft cloth hammock free with the purchase of Ghodiyu. All of our soft hammocks come with mosquito net to protect your baby from mosquito bite. This color can be suitable for either boy or girl.


Ghodiyu Assembly Video I


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